Bible Training Center

India is one of the least reached countries in South Asia, and therefore, the need of Bible school where young men and women could get trained for church planting and evangelism is increasing. It’s true that church planting efforts and outreach ministries always attract difficulty and threat because of efforts and outreach ministries always attract difficulty and threat because of the rise in persecution and oppositions by anti-Christians in India. Yet even today, there are a host of true visionary believers who are ready to suffer and be persecuted for the sake of Christ. If we train in accord with God’s will, we are sure they will lit the light of gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities at any cost.

It inspires us to establish many Training Centers in different States of India. India is a land of variety of languages. There are 226 languages including more than 20 major languages. Therefore we seek His guidance to start a Bible Training school in each major language region, and we have picked 14 States with different languages. Why this strategy? When we train men and women of 14 States who speak different languages, we cover 80% of major languages. These zealous native missionaries after the training could reach out majority of the percentage of people who speak these languages.

To Partner with our Bible Training Center Ministry

You may support a Bible Training Center that is to be started in a language region where it’s needed mostly. This year we decided to start a Tamil medium Bible Training Center in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Visit our Training Centers – You will have plenty of opportunity to teach and train young men and women, if you are in the ministry as a Pastor, teacher or a lay-leader.

Support Details

   You can support this ministry by giving $6500, the initial fund we needed to start a training      center with 15 young men and women.
   You can support this ministry with the monthly pledge of $1500.
   You can sponsor a missionary trainee by giving $40 per month.
   We welcome your support and partnership for any of the above, fully or partially or even by      donating generously. May God richly reward you!