Church Building Project

Another exciting opportunity for involvement is the Church Building Project. This will provide a wonderful permanent place of worship benefiting for church planting efforts in rural regions of India.

The project focuses on building churches in remote villages, among tribal and people groups and to assist native missions to construct prayer halls and church buildings where there is persecution. We have a lot of reports from the mission fields that persecution and murders of christians,
pastors and missionaries in particular, take place in the nook and corner of the land of India. Harvest Mission is with strong church planting emphasis and we are dedicated to plant averaging one church a month. To meet the urgent need of a public worship place for the new converts, we build temporary prayer shed within.

a year wherever we start church planting ministry. And when the church grows to 50 or more in attendance we help to build fine church building with 300 seating, also we build a parsonage for the pastor and family to stay and oversee the church functions.

Approximate cost for church building-$12,000
Temporary prayer shed- $2,300

Harvest Mission is looking for the fulfillment of the vision - 20 churches by 2020. We want individuals, churches, Pastors, businessmen or prayer groups to partner with us to build churches in the remote villages of India.

If you support for a church building, $12,000 can build a church in India, we invite you to visit the field to see the work first hand and to dedicate the church building yourself for the glory of God.

We urgently need 3 church buildings to be built this year, in Thottiyam village in Tamil Nadu and Girla and Amda villages in Koraput district of Orissa. We are looking for partners to build churches in these villages with the seating capacity of 200 to 300.
God may richly bless you as you partner with this project..!!