Message from the Founder

Dear Friend,
Greetings in the Victorious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Let me tell you the humble birth of Harvest Mission. In Indian villages lakhs of people are going to eternal destruction without Jesus in their lives. They are gnarled with superstitions, traditions, black magic, sorceries etc., and never come out of that pitfall if it is not by God’s special intervention. People are going astray from the real God and they embrace false gods and beliefs. Everywhere villagers get oppressed, quelled, discriminated and cheated. Moreover, the real Saviour is unknown to them.

Are we not obliged to spread the gospel in India? We must do it! Thus I got a vision for the ministry in Indian villages fulfilled through the inception of Harvest Mission.

Harvest Mission is dedicated for reaching the unreached millions for Christ. I am excited about the coming years of great harvest! We will look forward to see our vision fulfilled with an increased faith, prayer and sacrifice for a great revival in Indian villages. We want to do our part, we have more things to do…miles to go…!

By partnering with Harvest Mission in reaching the unreached villages, you are helping impact Eternity! Please join us. Thank you. For the sake of the Harvest Johns Joseph