Sponsor a Child

Harvest Mission’s child sponsorship reaches to the poor and orphan children in India. In Indian villages children’s death ratio is high due to the lack of nutritious food and often they fall sick and never get proper medical tratment from the clinics in towns kilometers away since there is no medical facility in villages. Therefore they often trust on country medicines which cannot guarantee life for all diseases. Also the death occures by the faith in superstitions, but mostly death occurs because of their ignorance on proper medical treatment.

In Orissa and Tamil Nadu where Harvest Mission is currently engaged in the mission activities and child sponsorship, the poor village children’s life is very pathetic.
The ratio of anemia affected children is on high in many of the districts and States. By realizing the situation of the children in villages who are unschooled, unloved and uncared, Harvest Mission started Child Sponsorship Project to allow them to live a life of blessed hope.

For only $35 a month, you can lift a child from the poverty to the life of hope.

As a Harvest Mission child sponsor, you can rescue a child from the life of desperate poverty and can give a colorful future life.

           Donate School supplies, clothing, books, school bags, umbrellas, shoes
           Donate for special projects like VBS, Retreat, picnic